Forget AMC! Check Out This Theater Stock Instead



Is Eddie Murphy Returning to Stand-Up Comedy?

Prince Harry gave an interview recently where he was asked his thoughts on the Netflix hit The Crown. He said it was fictionalized, but a semi-accurate portrait of Royal life. He also spoke bitterly of the modern media, saying the fictionalized show is more real than some news stories written about him…

Netflix’s agenda is to keep packing quality content onto its streaming service to get new customers. And apparently people do like their content, because they were just nominated for a bunch of Golden Globes. What will this mean for Netflix in the long term?

It was good and bad news with Beyond Meat yesterday…but the good seems to be winning. They had disappointing Q4 sales, but also announced partnerships with 2 big fast-food chains. It appears investors cared more about the second announcement, because the company’s stock jumped over 10%…



Everyone’s Been Talking About AMC – But Cinemark May Be a Better Bet for Investors


What Big Announcements Did Spotify Make During Their Virtual “Stream On” Event?

Lady Gaga Pleads for Her Dogs in First Statement Since They Were Kidnapped

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