Netflix Beats Disney and Dominates Golden Globes



Are Cryptos as Unstable as the NY Attorney General Says?

At this point, most people have accepted they will be working from home for a good while longer. But the home office space isn’t always very well suited for work. There are changes you can make, however, to make it more motivational…

Rumors about Gal Gadot started circulating right after the Golden Globes. And the actress confirmed her pregnancy on her Instagram page not too long after. Whether it will affect her role in Cleopatra is unknown as of now…

Some actors whine on social media all day…others do things to help their fellow Americans. Forrest Gump actor Gary Sinise decided to take the second path. He just created a foundation to help veterans and first responders…



Netflix Takes Home More Golden Globes Than Any Other Company During Virtual Ceremony


What’s Happening with Pot Stocks? Read Here for the Top 10 Stories of the Week

Disney Just Released Raya and the Last Dragon – How was Their Newest Animated Feature?

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