Roku Forms Alliance with Nielsen – How Will It Affect Their Stock?



Is Disney Making Things Worse for AMC?

Is the vaccine rollout making people more optimistic? It certainly seems that way, as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that the 2021 induction ceremony will be an in-person event. No one knows how many people will be allowed to attend, however…

The NFL accidentally restarted the debate about unpaid internships. The company offered one in the broadcasting journalism field and now the same arguments are popping up. So, is an unpaid internship a worthwhile investment for the future or a corporate free-labor grab?

During the early months of covid, we saw CNN’s Chris Cuomo interview his brother Andrew, the Governor of New York, in fun and lighthearted ways. But now, things have turned for the Governor, with 2 scandals to his name. And brother Chris is refusing to report the truth about it…



Will the New Alliance Roku Made with Nielsen Help Them Grow Their Ad Business?


Time to Say Goodbye to Blinds? Self-Tinting Glass Could Be the Way of the Future

Comedian Sued by 17-Year Old Girl for Doing Things Too Depraved to Discuss

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