AMC Stock is Soaring – But is It Really a Good Investment?



WandaVision? Cobra Kai? What Did People Watch This Week?

Cryptos have gotten hugely popular in recent months. And now, Coinbase is looking to enter the market through a direct listing. Is this the “Amazon moment” for cryptos that some think it is?

Wow, Meghan Markle really, really wants you to think she’s a victim. The actress who married into royalty has an interview with Oprah airing soon. And even after bullying accusations have come to light against her, she still plans on playing the victim card…

Classic movies have come under fire ever since the riots last summer. The main criticism is how race or gender was shown on screen in times past. Now, Turner Classic Movies is making a new show to highlight and discuss things they think are wrong in older movies…



AMC Stock has Risen by a Whopping 333% in 2021 – But is the Rise Based on Fundamentals or Just Hype?


A New Company is Now Using Audio Creators to Build Brands on Apps Like Clubhouse

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Tapped to Host Family Game Fight for NBC

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