Comedian Tim Allen on Why He Loves Trump and Hates Taxes



How Did an Analyst Cause Roku Stock to Surge?

I’ve got a new theory that liberals are almost always exactly the thing they rile against. And Meghan Markle is proving the theory true. It has come out that the woman who claims to be bullied was actually a bully herself to the Royal staff and now Birmingham Palace is launching an investigation into it…

Volkwagen is debating new plans for the future. And one of the things they are thinking about is a convertible ID.3. Read here to find out what their other ideas for the future include.

Blake Shelton gave a bit of a low blow to Kelly Clarkson on The Voice. He claimed she was now too busy to coach talent and that she’s gone Hollywood. This led her to reply back with remarks of her own…



Tim Allen Dishes on How He Liked to See Trump Piss People Off and Why He Hates Taxes So Much


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