90% of Its Theaters are Now Open – Is It Time to Invest in AMC?



Stocks Under $5 That Have the Ability to Grow

HBO Max is looking to capitalize even more on the Snyder cut of Justice League. They are now hosting a live video chat and virtual screening of the film in mid-March. It will be free, but only if you are a subscriber (which is a good way to get more people to the streaming service)…

While some companies are offering incentives to get the vaccine, Emirates is going the opposite route. They are saying staff must get the vaccine, or pay for a covid test, before they go into the air. If they don’t do either, they will be put on standby duty…

I honestly don’t know if the world can last much longer if this craziness continues. Piers Morgan said he didn’t believe Meghan Markle…and now people are saying he’s racist for it. When Sharon Osbourne tried to defend him, she had to defend herself from racism accusations too…



Should You Invest in AMC Now That 90% of Its Theaters are Open?


The “Amazon of South Korea” Debuted on the NYSE Yesterday – Here’s What You Need to Know

Actress Jennifer Garner Just Got Her Ears Pierced…at the Age of 48

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