Disney+ Already Raising Prices After a Year-and-a-Half



Netflix and Disney+ Battle for the Top Show of the Week

AMC stock had a rough week, but GameStop had it even worse. So, is either a good investment while on the downturn? Read here to find out.

Summer is usually a big season for the movie theater industry. But with few big releases coming out and a hesitant audience, this one will be different. This year, it’s more about survival than it is about success…

Man, this cancel culture thing would be laughable at this point if it wasn’t basically destroying America. Now the guy who got famous when he found shrimp tales in a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch has ex-girlfriends telling stories about how horrible he is. They call him a “manipulative gaslighting narcissistic” ex-boyfriend among other things…



Disney+ is Raising Their Prices – How Will the Move Affect Their Subscriber Count? 


Scarlett Johansson Has Been the Target of a Few Controversies in the Past – Here’s What She Thinks About It

The BetterUp CEO Claims That Hiring Prince Harry Wasn’t a PR Stunt – Is He Telling the Truth?

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