After Being Closed for a Year, Big Disneyland Plans Announced



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Amazon has been making some gutsy moves against government intervention recently. After Bernie Sanders decided to get involved in an Amazon union vote, things started to get heated between the company and Dem politicians. Is this a smart move for the company to make right now?

For a while there, ViacomCBS stock was doing great. And by great, I mean it rose almost tenfold in the past year. But this week was far different, as the stock plunged and lost more than half its value…

When Disney+ announced they were raising prices, many people were wondering why. I mean, they’ve only been around for a year and a half, which isn’t very long for a service to get established. But then you see the crazy amount of shows and movies they are producing and it makes sense…



Disneyland is Getting Ready to Come Back After a Year Closed – and They are Making Big Expansions


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