Why Don’t Older Investors Like Square Stock?



Guess What the Most Popular Disney+ Debut Ever Was?

Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League was a huge hit for HBO Max. But is the movie as good as people are saying it is? In many ways, it’s not at all more special than any other superhero movie…

Cancel culture is basically killing freedom in America…but it’s doing so in a weird way. So, it would make sense that many people are confused about it. And this poll shows it, with 16% of respondents not even sure what the term means…

The Royal Family is still dealing with fallout from the Meghan and Harry interview. But more people are coming to their defense. Kate Middleton’s uncle just talked about the situation and didn’t mince his words when it came to Meghan…



Usually, the Portfolios of Older and Younger Investors aren’t That Different – But That’s Not the Case with Square Stock 


NFL Announces That They Will Be Expanding the 2021 Season to 17 Games

Will the Stage Play Based on Game of Thrones Bring Any Dead Characters Back to Life?

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