AMC May Sell New Shares – and Investors are Not Happy About It



Why MTV Wants to Change Their Approach to Mental Health

“The Hero’s Journey” has been the main template for movies over the last few decades. But there are ways to use it for business as well. And using it right could bring a company lifelong customers…

Piers Morgan said he didn’t believe the Meghan Markle interview…and he was branded a racist and forced to quit his job because of it. Since then, friends of his have been called racist just for defending him. It’s no surprise then why he picked Tucker Carlson for his first interview…

Roku has done great during the pandemic, but they were on a roll before that. And they still have more content being added to lure new users. Read here to find out the 3 factors driving their stellar growth.



AMC’s CEO Hinted at a New 500 Million Share Sale – and It Caused Their Stock to Tumble


What Topped the Nielsen Ratings Last Month? Read Here to Find Out

A New Law & Order Show is Coming Out – What Other Hot TV Shows are Premiering in April?

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