Hulu Rebrands Itself with New Look & Sound – Will More Subscriptions Follow?



Will the U.S. Boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in China?

Would an ex-football player be a good Jeopardy host? Aaron Rodgers just began a 2-week stint on the long-running game show and loves it so far. In fact, he would consider retiring from the NFL if they offered it to him right now…

Spotify is already very well known as a strong music stock. But even with that title, they still could be very underappreciated at the market. They just put a lot of money into podcasts and those are starting to bring in some big ad dollars, which would be great for shareholders…

While Fox News took a bit of a dive after the fiasco at the Capital, they are now on top of the cable news ratings chart once again. They were followed by MSNBC and CNN, which has had trouble getting as many viewers since Trump left office. And the number one show in cable news was the Fox show that every Republican loves…



In an Effort to Stand Out in the Streaming Field, Hulu is Rebranding Both Their Look and Sound


A Bio-Musical About Singer Neil Diamond is Setting Its Sights on Broadway

Jimmy Fallon Gets Heat from Cancel Culture Over a Segment with TikTok Star Addison Rae 

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