Facebook Stock is Hitting All-Time Highs – and May Not be Done Yet



Whole Foods Starts Program for Responsibly Sourced Products

Apparently, Kanye West has had cameras capturing his life behind the scenes for 2 decades. And now he wants it all to be a multi-part documentary dealing with aspects of his life and hip-hop culture. He just sold it to Netflix for $30 million…

Well, this is not what any company wants to see as they go public. Just as shares of Deliveroo were being traded on the London market, their delivery workers went on strike. They want better pay and working conditions, saying the company has only given “empty broken promises” in the past…

If you needed evidence that the world is on the verge of breaking, just look at this scene. A lady gets tired of waiting at a busy intersection…so she pulls a gun and fires through her sunroof. Police were able to get her before anyone was hurt and she then told them she was Dr. Dre’s daughter (she’s not)…



Facebook Stock Has Slowly But Surely Been Rising to Hit New Highs – Can They Keep It Going?


The SEC is Now Going After a Hollywood Actor in Connection with a Ponzi Scheme Based on Fake Movie Deals

How Did One Man Go from Being a Hedge Fund Manager to Launching an MMA Promotion in the U.S.?

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