How a Chinese Billionaire’s Firm Caused AMC Stock to Plummet



Alkami Technology Increases Expected Pricing of IPO

For a broadcast network series, the magic number of episodes to reach is 100. That’s the number a show needs to get off-network syndication, which can be a big moneymaker. The newest show to hit the number and to be announced for syndication is the Big Bang Theory spin-off Young Sheldon

The global chip shortage is already hitting automakers, with most of them now cutting production output. But this should only be a temporary setback for companies. The real losers could be consumers who needs automobiles…

Covid is now affecting hockey’s trade deadline. Because of quarantine requirements, some teams now have an advantage over others. And you know the disadvantaged teams can’t be happy about it…



The Chinese Firm That was AMC’s Controlling Shareholder Had Another Round of Sell Offs – and It Made Their Stock Plunge


Cindy McCain, Wife of John, Could be the Next UN Ambassador – Here’s What You Should Know About Her 

How the New Deal with Sony Will Help Netflix in Their Battle Against Disney+

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