Coinbase’s IPO isn’t Really an IPO – Here’s Why That Matters



Will Biden’s Upcoming Tax Hikes Stunt the Bitcoin Rally?

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is getting more press…just not the kind he wants. A female YouTuber is coming forward and saying he assaulted her in his bedroom. He’s now denying the charges and even threatening legal action…

ABC’s TV cop drama The Rookie apparently took a message from the woke police. The show is now featuring a storyline where a mother tells her police officer daughter that she is just a “paid bully for the city” and is doing nothing to be proud of. I wish this was the first anti-police message on TV, but it’s joining a growing list…

Disney may be giving the millions of Star Wars fanboys their dream. They just announced they are looking to make a “real” lightsaber. That’s all they needed to say to see millions of sales (and probably just as many chopped off hands)…



Coinbase’s IPO is Actually a Direct Listing – and Yes, It is Important


Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Now Saying the Hollywood Producer is Going Blind & Losing Teeth in Jail

Why is Taylor Swift Recording So Much More Music Since Switching Record Labels?

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