Why are Analysts Staying Bullish as Netflix Gets Ready to Release Earnings?



Why Did a Wedbush Analyst Downgrade Facebook Stock?

People said Warner Bros. decision to put new movies on both HBO Max and in theaters was crazy. But so far, they are dominating the box office, even with their movies streaming. It may be too early to tell for sure, but so far it seems like the idea is working…

Wow, sometimes we never know just how close we are to a horrible situation. Actress Patricia Arquette told about a bad date…that could’ve gotten much worse. Though she never saw him again because of a bad feeling, he ended up committing a brutal murder and getting decades in jail…

Grupo Televisa is the biggest TV network in Latin America. And they just made a big move to combine most of their content with Univision. The 2 companies together will create the largest Spanish-language media company on the globe…



Netflix is About to Report Earnings Next Week – Read Here to Find Out Why Analysts are Staying Bullish on the Stock


Simone Biles is Coming Back to the Olympics – Here’s Why She Decided to Return and Compete Again 

The Daughter of David Hasselhoff Set to be the First Plus-Size Playboy Cover Model

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