Will Netflix Stock Drop by 37% This Year? Here’s Why Analysts Think It Will



Kevin Durant Scores Huge on Biggest Investment So Far

Now that the whole Snyder-verse thing is pretty much over, what will DC do next? The upcoming Black Adam movie and Shazam sequel are all set to go. Will they take an idea from the MonsterVerse to expand the DC world even further?

At this point, 70% of households have at least one smart TV in them. And that could mean bad news for Roku and those who invest in it. What will happen with streaming stick companies once no one needs them anymore?

The team producing TV show The Rookie had a scary day on set when the subject matter hit too close to home. While they were filming the police show, someone fired actual gunshots at their security. Though they don’t know who did it, the area they were in is known for gang activity…



Why Do Analysts at Wedbush Think Netflix will Tumble by 37% This Year? Read Here to Find Out


Falcon and the Winter Soldier Beats WandaVision in Debut – What Does This Mean for Disney+?

Chinese Agencies Now Getting Wall Street Internships for Students – If They Pay Over $12,000 for It

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