Disneyland is Reopening – and Already People are Waiting in 8 Hour Lines



With the J&J Vaccine Out, Should You Invest in Novavax?

Lord of the Rings was a hit movie franchise…but will a TV show of the story be worth what Amazon is paying? As of now, season 1 is set to cost a whopping $465 million. Is it even possible for them to make that money back?

Most investors have missed out on certain acquisitions…and they could be big moneymakers. Match Group, Roku and fuboTV announced their acquisitions earlier this year. Read here to take a closer look at what they mean for each company.

Full House dad Bob Saget recently had his Full House daughter, Candace Cameron Bure, on his podcast. While there, she talked about how people say she’s fake for being perky and happy. What is making people hate kindness and happiness these days?



Why are People Waiting 8 Hours in Line for Disneyland When It’s Not Even Open Yet?


Falcon and the Winter Soldier had a Huge Cameo Planned – Here’s How the Pandemic Interfered

Johnny Depp Tries to Discredit His Ex-Wife Again – Using an LAPD Video as Proof

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