Mercedes Declares War on Tesla with New High Range EV



After Fatal Crash, Should Tesla’s Autopilot Program Continue?

The Simpsons went for some low blows with their depiction of English singer Morrissey. And he was not amused. Almost immediately, he responded on social media with anger and outrage at the representation…

Netflix is about to release Q1 results today…and there’s a lot riding on it this time around. The biggest problem looks to be subscriber growth. They are expected to have their weakest growth in years, just as more and more streaming rivals emerge…

There was both good news and bad news for Harley-Davidson yesterday. On the bad side, they are looking at a steep tariff battle in Europe. The good news is that their earnings were better than expected, making the stock pop over 10%…



Here’s How the New Mercedes EV Could Be a Threat to Tesla’s Dominance


What is the State of Movie Theater Advertising After a Year of Covid? Read Here to Find Out

Netflix Renews Ginny & Georgia for a Second Season – What Else is Getting Renewed?

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