Apple Starts Creator Platform to Compete with Spotify on Podcasts



Norwegian Cruises Jumps After Positive Words from Goldman

It’s obviously true that not every Oscar nomination can be a win. And no one knows that better than these 24 actors. They are the ones who’ve gotten the most noms without actually winning any awards…

A high-ranking police officer donated $25 dollars to the legal fund for Kyle Rittenhouse, while sending a supportive note telling the teenager that cops are with him. And after a security breach made this public, he was fired for the small donation and note. Are conservatives not allowed any freedom in America anymore?

3 months ago, Roku acquired the content from short-lived streaming service Quibi. Now, the company seems to be firming up their strategy. The content they bought will be billed as Roku Originals and will be launched on the Roku channel…



How Will Apple Compete with Spotify on Podcasts? Read Here to Find Out


Sister Act 3 is Coming to Disney+ – Whoopi Teases Fans About What to Expect in the Sequel

Thinking About Investing in Apple Stock – Here’s All You Need to Know About the Company

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