Will Consolidation be the Next Move for Netflix?



Why Sony’s Disney+ Deal is About More Than Spider-Man

On Wednesday, Lebron James sent out a tweet that targeted a police officer. And, of course, Twitter did nothing about it. Not only that, but all those “woke” corporations who claim to care so much were silent as well…

The next movie in The Conjuring series is about to be released soon. So far, the rate of return for the hit film series is 13.65x the budget. And if this is a hit, it could bring the total revenue for the series above the $2 billion mark…

The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp feud is still ongoing. Now, she is trying to get at his lawyer to give him a subpoena. She believes he leaked private information to make her look bad and discredit the domestic violence allegations she made against Depp…



After Not Moving Much for Months, Investors Wonder if Netflix Will Consolidate Before the Stock Goes Higher


Here are the Best and Worst Best Picture Winners in Oscars History

Richard Lewis Pleases Fans as He Announces an Unexpected Return to Hit Show Curb Your Enthusiasm

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