Amazon Now Has 200 Million Prime Users – and That is a Very Big Deal



Oscar Winners See Boost in Streaming After Awards Show

Okay, this lawsuit wasn’t something I expected to see. ADT is suing Amazon’s Ring because they say it copied their blue octagon. Is a color and shape enough to break trademark laws?

LeBron James has made a lot of anti-cop statements recently. But one police officer is coming at him from a different angle. He is asking to meet with the basketball star to talk about his disturbing tweets that are putting law enforcement officers in jeopardy…

The National Hockey League just announced a new partnership with Turner Sports. This “B Package” is estimated to be worth $225 million a season. That is far less than the “A Package” deal that the company made with Disney in March, which is worth $400 million…



Why is It a Big Deal That Amazon is Up to 200 Million Prime Members? Read Here to Find Out


Binance is Tapping into the NFT Craze by Starting a Digital Art Marketplace

Paramount+ Releases New Trailer for the Second Season of Why Women Kill – How’s It Look?

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