Just One Tweet from Musk – and Dogecoin Shoots Up 30%



Demand for Office Space is Coming Back Around the Country

There has been a lot of speculation about how work will be done post-covid. Will it be work-from-home or a return to the office? For Deutsche Bank, it appears to be a bit of both…

Now this seems like a nightmare divorce proceeding. Rapper Dr. Dre’s wife asked the court to grant her a whopping $5 million…just for legal fees. They granted her a $500,000, which still seems like a hell of a lot for divorce lawyers…

It may seem crazy given how recent the Grammys were, but the eligibility cutoff date for 2022 is already more than halfway through. And they are already talking about Taylor Swift. With her recent comeback into country, they think she could dominate the show…



Dogecoin Had an Amazing Surge of 30% – All Because of One Elon Musk Tweet


Iconic Events Has New Uses for Movie Theaters – Here’s What They Envision

TV Production Made Some Big Changes for the Pandemic – Is It Time to Change the Rules Again?

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