Disney Reports Q2 Earnings Today – What Should Investors Expect?



NBC Set to End Hit Show This is Us After Sixth Season

Model Chrissy Teigen is known for her insults…yet keeps trying to play the victim. However, she may not be able to after this. It just came out that she incited death threats against an underage girl on Twitter a few years back…

It was a hard year for Ellen DeGeneres, with both her and her show being criticized for how people are treated. Now, she’s decided to call it quits after the show’s 19th season. While she claims it’s for creative purposes, the backlash she received mixed with lower ratings couldn’t have helped matters…

Usually, stars hate the paparazzi…but this time Ben Affleck must love them. One was waiting outside his house for a shot of him and J-Lo when they saw an intruder break in. They not only got pictures of the culprit, but called the cops as well…



Disney is Set to Report Earnings Results Today – What Should You Expect to See?


Dax Shepard Becomes Latest Podcast Creator to Go Exclusively to Spotify

Actress Laura Prepon on the Possibility of Being the Next Martha Stewart & the Likelihood of a That ‘70s Show Reunion

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