Disney’s Advertising Revenue Jumps – Big Time!



How is Demand for Streaming IP Affecting the Industry?

Saks is now starting a standalone ecommerce business. And they are picking big names to be on the board of the new company. One that was just announced was NBA star James Harden… 

CDs may not be the hot sellers they were 15-20 years ago, but the industry is still trying. Just look at the new box sets that are being offered. While box sets used to include one or two new tracks, now they include everything except the kitchen sink…

Chrissy Teigen loved cancel culture…until they came for her. Now, she’s publicly apologizing to all the people she’s offended. Will it be enough for the online mob to accept her again?



Disney’s Ad Revenue for the Fall TV Season Rose by Double Digits Compared to 2019 Levels – Here’s How


Here’s Why AMC’s Move Makes Sense – Along with News About Exxon and FireEye

Leaked Emails Show What Hunter Biden Said About His Baby’s Mama – and It’s Pretty Outrageous 

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