Universal and Cinemark Agree to Deal Hoping to Save Movie Industry



Twitter’s New Security Head is a Famous Hacker

Huawei Technologies has been having a whole lotta trouble after America restricted their access to supplies. To that end, they are selling their Honor smartphone brand. Can this save the company?

Damn, with these prices people may start going back to cable. Hulu Live TV is raising its price again, like YouTube TV did this summer. People cut the cord on cable to pay less and that’s not gonna be the case much longer…

Scooter Braun angered Taylor Swift’s fans when he bought her masters a few years ago. Now, they will probably be even more angry at him. Because he sold those masters for $300 million…and not to her.



Cinemark and Universal Make Deal that Might be the Future of Movies


Orders are Already Coming in for the Electric Truck Made by Lordstown Motors 

Lori Loughlin’s Full House Co-Star Shares Letter Lori Gave Her Before Going to Jail

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