Did Kristen Stewart Have Covid While Filming Her Latest Movie?



This Company is Raising $400 Million – All for Bitcoin

Brad Smith was a deputy general counsel at Microsoft, right in the middle of the company’s antitrust battle in the 1990’s. So, you can imagine he has some things to say about where Big Tech finds itself now. Read here for why he thinks the industry needs to take responsibility for needed changes.

Phil Griffin’s 12-year run as the head of MSNBC is coming to an end. Broadcast journalist Rashida Jones will be taking over the helm. Will the change in leadership result in any difference with ratings and viewers?

HBO Max decided to release all new movies next year on their streaming service the same day they hit theaters. But there’s one aspect they forgot about. A lot of stars get pay packages that include a cut of profits from a movie’s theatrical run…and they still want their money.



Co-Star Claims Kristen Stewart Had Covid When She Filmed Her Last Movie


Joe Exotic Now Appealing to Kim Kardashian to Help Him Get a Trump Pardon

Fans are Talking About the Mario Lopez Movie Where He Plays Col. Sanders – But He Probably Wouldn’t Like It

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