Trump Pardon Leads to Judge Throwing Out This Case



People are Getting Creeped Out by CBS’ New Clarice Trailer

With all the horrible show endings we’ve seen over the years, few are as universally reviled as the end of Dexter. Maybe that’s why they are coming back for a ninth season. Read here to find out more about the return of everyone’s favorite serial killer.

Brokerage firms are dealing with a new problem this year…too many people are trading. The pandemic has caused more trading to happen than ever before. But that is bringing a host of new problems to the forefront…

Though they are a bit late to the party, Nielsen TV ratings are now adapting to the new media environment. In 2024, they will be rolling out a cross-platform audience measurement tool to help advertisers. But, really, by 2024 more things could have easily changed again…



Trump’s Pardon Causes Judge to Dismiss the Case Against Michael Flynn


Kourtney Kardashian Joins Cast of She’s All That Reboot Starring Her TikTok Pal

Bob Dylan Sold His Publishing Rights for a Huge Amount – Was It All a Tax Maneuvar? 

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