Disney+ is Now the Company’s Biggest Asset



Disney+ to Add a Bunch of New Shows for Fans

Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashians aren’t completely leaving anytime soon. At Disney’s Investor’s Day, they announced the family will start making global content for Hulu after their current contract ends. That family just keeps going and going…

It has been a hard year for Ellen DeGeneres. First, she was the victim of a robbery and then embroiled in controversy over her show’s work atmosphere. And now, she has to tell all her guests from last week that she has covid…

The UFC has been fighting a lawsuit for 6 years that said they were maintaining monopoly power in the MMA world. And now that lawsuit is finally over. But it wasn’t the news they were hoping for…



Disney+ Now Has 86 Million Subscribers – Will the Streaming Service Continue to Be the Company’s Biggest Moneymaker?


Kelly Clarkson’s Divorce Gets Messy as She Claims Estranged Husband Took Millions from Her

Damn! The Nielsen Winning Streak The Queen’s Gambit is On Just Keeps Going

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