Why is Britney Spears’ Sister Calling Tesla a “Secret Cat Killer?”



Actress Claims to Regret Her Words for Tiger Woods’ Mistress

Netflix has had its share of winners this year…but not all of them can hit that note. And one, in particular, is making people talk. Read here to find out which movie has people claiming it’s their worst action original so far.

Hollywood was hit hard by covid, with movie theaters shuttering and productions being forced to stop. But will the next year be better? If the vaccine rollout takes too long, they may have another round of blockbusters to delay…

After the hard year that was 2020, automakers really needed a break. And it looks like they won’t be getting it. A chip shortage is hitting all of them hard, with Ford even halting production at their German plant…



The Sister of Britney Spears has Harsh, and Not Very Rational, Words for Tesla’s Elon Musk


What is the Price of Cryptocurrency Ripple Right Now? Read Here to Find Out 

What Should Investors Expect When Netflix Reports Its Latest Quarter Earnings?

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