Amazon’s Stock Skyrocketed Last Year – Is It Still a Good Investment?



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It must be hard for an actor when the character they portray for the world to see hits too close to home. And that’s what happened with Matthew Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film franchise. Read here to find out why the role is hard for him to watch now.

With movies going straight to streaming services, it turns out more than just theaters will take a financial hit. Oftentimes, big actors and producers will get a cut of theatrical and TV deals, neither of which will go to their pockets in the new streaming landscape. How will the industry deal with this going forward?

NBC’s Peacock is one of the newer combatants in the streaming wars…but they have a big name the others don’t. Namely, they now have the rights back to The Office, which is still bringing in audiences all these years later. As it is, the show was almost 10% of their watched content in January…



Shares of Amazon Soared in 2020 – But the Question Remains: Is It Still a Good Investment Now?


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