Can New Netflix Content Compete with Disney’s Library?



Taylor Swift Climbs Up the Rock Charts with New Album

Cyberattacks seem scary enough when done to a retail business…thinking about what they could do to hospitals is downright horrific. But hospitals have to get ready for them. And Europe is already saying patients should be informed if such an attack delays treatment…

Social media became one of the biggest things on the internet…then one of the biggest things on the stock market. But which social media stock is the best investment right now? Read here to find out why one may be a better pick than the rest.

If someone is doing social media right, it’s Fuller House’s Candace Cameron Bure…and, of course, liberals are hating her for it. She follows Trump, as well as figures from all over the political spectrum, so she can see opposing views. But her liberal followers are not happy with anyone who follows Trump, no matter who else they follow…



Netflix is Beefing Up Their Content in a Bid to Compete with Disney’s Library – But Will It Work?


HBO Set to Start Another Game of Thrones Prequel Called Tales of Dunk and Egg in 2022

Will Godzilla Vs. Kong Bring in the Money that the Failed Sequel Never Made?

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