Is Apple TV+ a Streaming Service Worth Getting?



Pranksters Arrested for Changing Hollywood Sign

Google kept pushing the limits of power…and now it may be coming to bite them. Australia wants the company to pay news sources as publishers, so Google said they would just leave altogether and believed Australia would cave at the threat. However, Microsoft is stepping up, with Bing being a possible Google replacement in the country…

Kim Novak was once an Alfred Hitchcock muse and the #1 box office star. Then, after a mudslide took out her home, she left Hollywood in a veil of mystery. Read here to find out what she did after she left and what she’s been doing since.

When it was announced, NBCUniversal’s Peacock looked to be one of the streaming services that would top the list. But it hasn’t been as well received as expected. Fox’s Tubi, on the other hand, is beating them in multiple areas…



Should You Subscribe to Apple TV+? Read Here to Find Out Why One Viewer Says You Definitely Want To


In an Effort to Divest Billions in Assets, BP Sells Stake in an Oman Gas Block to Thailand’s National Energy Firm

Before Their Earnings Even Come Out, Nio Smashes Another Monthly Sales Record

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