Pfizer Reported Bad News – Will It Hurt Vaccine Profits?



British Art Dealers Worry About Post-Brexit Problems

Well, the economic problems we knew would come from covid are officially starting. There is now a global microchip shortage that will have a huge impact on the automotive industry…and some are saying it could last years. The reason it happened stemmed from so many consumer electronics being used during the pandemic…

DoorDash went public with an IPO last year. Since then, the stock has almost doubled. But whether they can keep it going into the next year will depend on 4 factors…

Mariah Carey wrote a tell-all autobiography not too long back…and it didn’t sit well with her family. Her estranged sister is now suing the singer over it because of how it made her look. In the book, Mariah details her sister throwing boiling tea on her and trying to sell her to a pimp at age 12…



Pfizer Made Headlines with the Vaccine – But Other Bad News Could Chip Away at Those Profits


How the Great-Great Grandson of Louis Vuitton Found His Passion in the Art of Wine Making

Biden Officials Saying Doctors Should Not Reserve Vaccines for Second Doses Anymore

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