Cinemark Strikes Back at Disney by Refusing to Show New Film



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WandaVision has been a huge hit for both Marvel and Disney+. But it did throw some fans for a loop with its format and tone. And those fans obviously didn’t pay too much attention to the marketing, because the show laid out what it was way back in the first trailer…

Just recently, a New York Times columnist had nothing better to do with his life than write about how Looney Tunes character Pepe Le Pew somehow “perpetuates rape culture.” It’s now coming out that the character won’t be in Space Jam 2, although they say the decision was made months ago. People need to remember, these are only cartoons…

The Queen’s Gambit was a huge hit for Netflix during the pandemic. And now the story is set to be told in another medium. A musical is coming out based on the book that inspired the movie…



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