Why is an American Tech Company Partnering with a Chinese Auto Firm?



Are the Capital Riots Getting Too Much Attention?

Nike reported 3rd quarter earnings yesterday. The good news is earnings beat forecasts, but the bad news is revenue didn’t meet expectations. The bad news then continued as the stock started slipping after the news was reported…

Many times, China will make grand plans that seem amazing. And, often, it looks like centralized planning is a huge strength. But that doesn’t tell the whole truth…

Actor Ralph Fiennes, who played Voldemort in Harry Potter, said he didn’t understand all the hatred J.K. Rowling got for her stance on trans people. And, as you can imagine, the left is now outraged over it. Just like usual…



American Lidar Tech Company Luminar Enters “Strategic Partnership” with Chinese Car Company SAIC


HBO Max is Making Another New Documentary – This One is About the Life and Tragic Death of Actress Brittany Murphy

The Newest Marvel Show Just Hit Disney+ – So, is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Any Good?

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