Adidas Has a New Business Goal: Plant-Based Leather



China Puts Pressure on Ant Group – Causes Shares to Fall

Wonder Woman 1984 may have done well with Americans…but it’s not faring too well in China. The film had a disappointing opening weekend, and then fell another 92% over the second weekend. It was even beat by 2 lesser known films…

Taylor Swift is about to beat a record she never wanted. Her newest single debuted at number 1…and fell 37 spots to number 38 the next week. That’s the biggest drop from the top spot in Billboard history…

On Christmas day, Wonder Woman 1984 became the first big movie to be released on HBO Max the same day it hit theaters. And more people watched from home, by all accounts. However, its theatrical box office, while nothing compared to anything out in 2019, made the most money of any movie since the pandemic began…



Adidas is Developing a Plant-Based Leather to Make Shoes With


Why is CBS Now Making a Fuss Over the “Environmental Impact” of Texting and Emailing?

Here are 5 Things Every Investor Should Know About China’s Moves Against Ant Group

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